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People would line up to buy an artist’s new CD the day it came out, because to hear it, you had to own a piece of plastic with that song recorded on it. Biggie Smalls’s “Ready to Die” was one of those records.

A record that talked about what was going on at the time was something that everyone had to have back then because it was more than a record: it was a moment. Tupac’s “Me Against the World” was one of those records.

Wyclef Jean was from the middle class family born as Nell Wyclef Jean in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti to parents of Haitian descent. Wyclef Jean married Marie Claudinette Jean in 1994. They are serving a great example of celebrity who is good in keeping his married life tight and long.

Besides this one both of them are not involved in any kind of extra affairs and they are happy to be each other’s loving spouse. Since his childhood days, Wyclef Jean was good in rapping and he also had a great dream to be a famous rapper in the future.

The ghost of Tupac Shakur is haunting Wyclef Jean ...

whose music video just got yanked from You Tube because someone thinks it features a grisly pic of 'Pac's autopsy -- but TMZ has learned it's just an impersonator with great makeup.

We told Scott about Garcia's role -- but she insists the image is TOO perfect, and must be the photo.

Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” was one of those records.

And the Fugees’ “The Score” was one of those records.

Filming at the scene: Wyclef (above in Philadelphia earlier this month) posted two videos of the incident, including one where he explains he was at the studio and then announces that his going to sue the LAPDSergeant Duncan of the LA County Sheriff Department's West Hollywood station confirmed that Wyclef was detained by deputies around 1am on Tuesday.

There had been an armed robbery nearby and the suspect was driving a car similar in make and color to Wyclef's according Sergeant Duncan, and also wearing a red bandanna.