Dating in college for guys

They’re called “college sugar babies” – young women, some from local campuses, willing to meet men on a website, and then date them for money.

The website denies it is sex for sale, but you may be surprised by what Todd Quinones found when he went undercover. So it’s like you have a boyfriend who is wealthy,” Wade said.

This is prime time for you to explore and enjoy yourself, but you also want to keep in mind that you're just getting to know your fellow students, and your behavior during these first few weeks can impact how they perceive you.

We asked the experts about how you can navigate the college dating scene with ease.

They’re still the immature guys they were before, and they probably won’t change until their mid-thirties (if ever).

We asked the team at Whisper to give us a snapshot of what it’s like for college students as they begin a fresh school year.

One of the best parts of attending a new school is the myriad of romantic possibilities.

You're at college with thousands of people your age, and everyone wants to meet and mingle.

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