Bipolar dating in l a

I ended up being hospitalized for a few weeks, and a psychiatrist gave a diagnosis: bipolar disorder. I didn’t want to believe I had any mental health issues and went into denial. I’m animated and exuberant, and this made it difficult to determine what was my normal and what was actually odd behavior.

Reality Checkout After the incident at the hotel, I was in utter shock.

According to Baehler, the documentary set out to be like a modern-day version of the 1970 Beatles documentary Let It Be.

Upon being discharged, I returned to Los Angeles and went back to work on feeling more in control.

Everybody on the show was wonderful to me, but my contract wasn’t renewed for the final season.

The film follows the band through preproduction and hammering out new songs to putting the tunes down on tape.

Baehler explained that the documentary included beautiful and moody shots with either Dean or Robert playing an old organ in a secluded wing of the villa, Robert and Scott playing "Wonderful" acoustically, and some "totally awesome rock-out live stuff" in the main recording space.